Day 3 - Bermuda to the Azores

Atlantic Crossing
Thu 4 Jun 2015 21:25
Position 35:14.0N 057:11.0W 2110 GMT
Speed 6 knots. Course 090 deg Magnetic.
1384 Miles to go to the Azores.

Great sailing the last 24 hours! Wind a constant 15-20 knots from the South and South West. Humming along at 6 to 7 knots on a broad reach with a single reefed main and now a poled out genoa. A single dolphin came by for a quick visit today. He leaped out of the water next to Topaz, swam up to the bow, and then swam off. A few sea birds come by every day to see if they can catch the flying fish trying to escape from the oncoming enormous fish (Topaz). Apart from that lots of ocean around. All good onboard.

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