Day 10 - Bermuda to the Azores

Atlantic Crossing
Thu 11 Jun 2015 20:50
Position 37:49.0N 038:12.0W 1945 GMT
Speed 4-5 knots. Course 095 deg Magnetic.
344 Miles to go to the Azores.

The wind returned just after a really beautiful sunset. The sky was red for an hour in the twilight. "Red sky at night - Sailors delight" they say. Well we've had really nice sailing since! The wind is 8-10 knots and we are either close hauled or just on a close reach doing around 4-5 knots. Today the sun has been shining all day, the seas calm and we are easily sailing forward. Since the wind is coming from the East or ESE we will now most probably make landfall on the most Westerly island of the Azores - Flores. Island of flowers. After over 1300 miles of navigating using the sun and stars we are still within a few miles of our GPS position. All good onboard.

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