Day 11 - Bermuda to the Azores

Atlantic Crossing
Fri 12 Jun 2015 21:12
Position 38:29.0N 036:02.0W 1900 GMT
Speed 5 knots. Course 090 deg Magnetic.
235 Miles to go to the Azores. 1485 Miles so far.

Light winds the last 24 hours. We were sailing at 3 knots most of the night until the wind completed dropped away at 1am. Amazingly we past 2 other yachts last night. A catamaran motored past us while we were sailing and then a few hours later we motored past them. There was also another yacht sailing 1.5 knots peacefully at night. I've been learning the Northern Hemisphere constellations and stars. Every night we have a big bear who has a tail area called the big dipper and next to him there is a small bear that has the North star Polaris on his tail. Polaris is practically above the North Pole. The planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all out and visible. And Saturn is in Scorpio at the moment so all you Scorpions look out. Oh btw - we have the spinnaker up now and are sailing at 5 knots on a tight broad reach. Beautiful sunny day. All good onboard.

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