Day 2 - Bermuda to the Azores

Atlantic Crossing
Wed 3 Jun 2015 21:18
Position 34:26.0N 060:02.0W 2110 GMT
Speed 6 knots. Course 075 deg Magnetic.
1532 Miles to go to the Azores.

Varied conditions in the last 24 hours. We motored man hours when then was no wind last night. But today the wind has returned and is blowing 15-20 knots from the South. We are sailing on a broad reach with single reefed main and 70% Genoa making between 6 and 7 knots. I've been navigating using a Sextant taking sights of the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and some stars to find our position. So far we still know where we are! All good onboard.

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