In the Trades - 20:01.5N 29:17.5W

Tue 8 Feb 2011 21:12
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 3:25 PM
Subject: In the Trades - 20:01.5N 29:17.5W
I am now in the trade winds.  Characterised by the cumulous clouds and the consistent north-easterly 15-20 knot winds.  My bearing to Antigua is 270 deg true but sailing this angle with my double headsail is not possible at the moment.  This is not a problem though,  I know that the wind will veer on my track east and I wish to sail around this weather system and not take a short cut through it.  For now I will proceed on a 250 deg true course which is easier for the vane steering to maintain and more comfortable for me.
The weather is fantastic, this morning was a bit too sunny to be sitting out in so I stayed in the cabin with a cool breeze running through the boat.  Life on-board is getting easier, Iâm not sure if this is due to the more stable weather, the better sail combination or just finding my sea legs again.  Where last week I had bashed and bruised knees, hips and an ass this week I have no aliments and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. 
Night watches are easier too, I donât know which I prefer most now, the starry nights or the sunny days.  Last night after not sleeping during the day I stayed up until 0600 listening to a book on my mp3 palyer and watching the squall clouds bearing down on me.  I have got a little less anal about keeping a strict sleeping routine.  I donât think that it makes âsafetyâ sense to be wrecked tired from lack of sleep when, to date, I have only passed one other vessel.  Instead I am happy to let the AIS and the radar detector do their jobs and typically get about two or sometimes three hours at dawn.
Opps, I spoke too soon.  I canât even get to 250 deg, time to get the double headsails down and a single back up.