I've Landed - 17:00.5N 61:48.1W

Thu 24 Feb 2011 00:12
Welcome to Antigua,
Coming around the starboard lateral mark (which is red, but Darragh had me warned about IALA B).  Boats jostled for position like the race back to the best berth in cork week but I gunned it.  After rounding the preferred channel mark heading for the yacht club all the boats filed into an orderly queue but i was the only one greeted by the tender of Salperton.  Fi and Dave greeted me, armed with a can of Heineken prepped in a bag of ice which was promptly fired into the cockpit.
Rafting along-side a steel ketch stern-to Dave used the dingy to lay out the bow anchor.  A quick walk around the marina confirms the theory that somebody had pulled a few strings to get me a berth here. Nestled amongst the likes of Maltese Falcon and ICAP Leopard myself and Darragh headed off to clear-in.  Despite the lack of a clearing-out document, and a walk back to the boat to see if any other scraps of paper from Las Palmas would suffice, entry was pretty easy and the officials pleasant
For now I am trying to have an easy night but have been forewarned that the bbq in the yacht club is a booming party.  Weâll broach that when the time is right.  First impressions of Antigua are surreal.  Surrounded by both the top luxury yachts and the top racers in one little lagoon, and the crews have characters' as big too. 
Thanks to all the supporters and followers of the blog.  Iâll keep you posted of any further adventures.