Flying Fish - 19:08.5N 38:50.5W

Sat 12 Feb 2011 22:16
Saw my first flying fish on Friday.  Of course I knew I was going to see them at some stage but when you actually do it is still a big surprize.  The ones that I have seen are about 3 to 4 inches long  and were flying in shoals.  At first I thought I heard something unusual and when I turned I realised what it was.  They sounded not dissimilar to fizzing foam after the top has fallen off a wave but more fluttery than fizzy.  Well, I was very excited  about the prospect of having fresh fish for breakfast but alas when I rose this morning to survey what treats had been left for me, the biggest I could find was maybe and inch long.  I considered using him in an anchovy manner but he looked to be more wing than anything.
I am still zipping along, although the angle is not perfect, the wind is strong.  I am more or less going in the correct direction.  At the moment I am covering about 2deg of longitude every day which would put me in port in about ten to twelve days.  I would expect however for the conditions to change as I near the Caribbean, but weâll see. 
You might have noticed that I am posting this blog later and later as I progress.  I usually have something to eat at dusk and sit down to use the computer thereafter.  As I have been progressing west the apparent time is changing and dusk is later (for me).  Even given my slow progress I still notice the change on a daily basis. On-board I am still using UTC for navigation purposes and do not have a local clock. I have heard of boats that do carry a clock set to local time and they have a celebratory drink each time the hour goes back.
Not much other news really, my bananas have ripened and I am nearly out of fresh supplies.   I have the worlds smallest cabbage on-board and heâs going to meet his maker tomorrow.  I have been looking for the fishing reel since before I left with no joy.  I know I put it somewhere safe and I have the rod to go with it but until I find it I canât go âslaughteringâ fish.   Maybe I will find it as I eat my way back into the bilges.  I still have bucket loads of water and have only used about 15 litres of diesel.  By my calculation, in about two days I will be able to motor the rest of the way.