Sunday 1st July 78:16.4 N 13:42.8 E Trygghamna

Wed 4 Jul 2018 18:01

Sunday 1st July 78:16.4 N 13:42.8 E Trygghamna

Kirsty’s turn.....

Today was a day of categorisation. Including:

Type 1 fun/experience

Long sleep
Quiet anchorage
Good sailing
Surprisingly many other yachts (4, not seen any small ones before)
Walrus spotting
Awesome safe haven anchorage with amazing glacier to see
Engine working nicely to get us there quicker
Rooibosh tea
Phone reception and 4G. Maybe that should not be a positive though on our wilderness adventure.

Type 2 fun/experience

Or at least we hope these crawl out of type 3 into type 2 in time so I’m feeling optimistic now we are warm again
Aroma of walrus
Wet rain
Cold rain
More Rain
Monochrome world
Wind on the nose then dying as we got to bear away
Burning the pressure cooker
Cleaning the pressure cooker
Wet waterproofs
Niagra falls out of the sail stack pack running down unsuspecting necks
Too cold to fall asleep
Waking up with feet still cold

Type 3 fun

Everything in type 2 category, at least until the sun comes out tomorrow.


Type 1 fun - fun at the time and in retrospect
Type 2 fun - not fun at the time but fun in retrospect
Type 3 fun - not fun at all. Ever. Even after a stiff drink in a warm place with the benefit of time to soften the memories.

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