Sat 14 Jul 2018 07:47


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Sea Fever Blog continued
Guest editor Peter E writing from Tromsø....

We spent a lovely day in Tromsø city marina doing various jobs to,prepare for the onward journey to Alesund. There was a major change in crew make up with Daniel, Lorna and Virginia all leaving to go home, Kirsty moving out to her apartment to prepare for her continuing adventures overland and Patrick packing for departure on Saturday with his rifle! Philippe and Rachael arrived mid afternoon and they will sail with us as we move on. The mast was checked, food bought, boat cleaned and passage planning done, all of which lead up to our evening rendezvous with Karin and Jan Magne at their lovely house in Solligard just across the fjord. We were treated to lovely meal, courtesy of Rodrigo, a Brazilian sushi chef working in Tromsø, and plenty of aqavit to wash it down! Reluctantly, we had to leave to catch the last bus back at 2353, forsaking the warmth of the grillhytte for our bunks on board. It seemed odd to travel back in full daylight despite being nearly midnight.
Today we leave for Henningsvaer around lunchtime with a deadline to reach there in time for Philippe to see France in the World Cup final.
Philippe is already replacing Kirsty as sleeper-in-chief.