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64:51N, 11:13E

There was drama on the leg to Rørvik after the hot sunny morning. During the afternoon the skies darkened as the clouds thickened and the sun went away for a while. Shortly after that, the wind increased markedly which presaged an intense downpour that made the oily sea come alive with spume and rain pits. It died away fairly quickly but it did mean we changed out of shorts into full waterproofs quickly. The bonus was that sailing became possible, but only for a short while as the lightning strikes that hit the mountains were accompanied by thunder and then yet more rain. We put all our phones and electricasl in the oven to prevent shorting and watched the display. Fortunately the amount of rain was small but it continued to drizzle irritatingly for the next few hours with occasional hints at clearing. After rock-hopping through some narrow channels we picked up some fresh breeze and sailed most of the remaining distance into Rørvik, despite being challenged to a duel through a small channel by the Hurtigruten heading north. We gracefully moved aside to let it pass! We arrived in the marina just after 11pm with Mary at the helm and moored in front of the rescue ship. G&T’s were distributed all round before we fell asleep, not waking until late and enjoying a relaxed breakfast before exploring the town and its surroundings. The weather had dried up and by late afternoon the sun was once more prevalent, encouraging ice creams all round. We left Rørvik in full sunshine heading south once again and after dicing with the second Hurtigruten in 24 hours we hoisted the sails and had a supper on the afterdeck!