Pesky light trade winds N16:20.4 W32:06.8

Freeway (of Penpol)
Phil Saltonstall, Bob Fousert & Andrew Beale (NZ)
Fri 21 Jan 2022 10:49
Well… we’re looking forward to seeing/feeling some proper trade winds. It was nice at first just to get some wind - but now we feel we’re due a bit more than 4-7 kts. The tub is crying out for 12-15 at least, so that we can really press on. We’re told that the winds will increase as we head further West, so fingers crossed. But I (Phil) may have already bashed my brains out on the deck in frustration before then…. We’re maintaining a reasonable speed under the circumstances but resisting the temptation to top-up to a good speed by using-up our rationed diesel stocks.

The wildlife - mainly sea-skimming flying fish - and the inventive dishes that emerge from the galley (not connected!) are keeping us entertained. The skies, particularly at sunrise and sunset

The ARC fleet has unfortunately lost one boat to rudder failure and associated flooding. That yacht has been abandoned to the Northwest of us and the crew safely gathered onto two other ARC boats. By comparison, we have our standard daily list of minor repairs to do but nothing too significant so far.