Becalmed N18:4.9 W24:55.78

Freeway (of Penpol)
Phil Saltonstall, Bob Fousert & Andrew Beale (NZ)
Mon 17 Jan 2022 12:31
It’s been a frustrating few days as we’ve been left to bob without wind - or found the wind on the nose when it arrives! The forecast says that we can expect some trade wind type conditions soon, so fingers crossed that we can finally get shifting.

Some other ARC boats have decided to call into Cape Verde (about 60 miles away) to top up their fuel tanks. We’re comfortable with the stocks we have onboard and are keen to press on rather than waste time (and fuel!) diverting.

The silver lining to the calm has been meeting up with yacht Woolamai to share sundowner beers and taking time for a swim in the sea. But it’s fair to say that the novelty of lolling in the sun is wearing off.