Recovering in A Coruna - 43:20.7N 8:14.1W

Freeway (of Penpol)
Phil Saltonstall, Bob Fousert & Andrew Beale (NZ)
Thu 2 Dec 2021 14:34
We made it safely across the Bay of Biscay, but not unscathed - so have stopped briefly in A Coruna to dry out, repair a sail and catch up on sleep. All was idyllic until about half way down the Bay, when we got whacked with high seas and gales. Unable to press on against the weather, we spent a good amount of time hove to and recovering. In the meantime the casualty list grew: one crew member debilitatingly seasick, our AIS transponder (the tracker thingy) GPS aerial was stunned out of use during a crash gybe and the top of one of our new sails tore in the high winds. Essentially everything else got soaked through.

So a little list to go at while we’re alongside - and some essential relaxing in the Spanish sun.