En route to Las Palmas: 36:59.5N 10:45.1W

Freeway (of Penpol)
Phil Saltonstall, Bob Fousert & Andrew Beale (NZ)
Sat 11 Dec 2021 16:18
We left Cascais yesterday evening, after some last minute sail stitching onboard. Hopefully, now steady away for the run to Gran Canaria. The wind is partly playing ball - right behind us at a good strength, but with some rolling seas we’re tacking downwind to keep the boat movement sensible. Very few other contacts around us now. Plenty of stars at night, but frustratingly the sky covers with low level stratus rather than sunshine during the day. No longer need a scarf though! We’ve got flying fish with us, but no Orcas (thanks heavens) yet…


Phil Saltonstall