Wind has died

Rumpelteazer Pacific Crossing
Robert Holbrook
Fri 22 Feb 2008 07:52

S 00:57.323

W 089:23.524


As predicted the wind had died and we are motoring on flattish seas.  Came close to a couple of deep sea fishing boats during the night and Max has been fishing feverishly.  So far we have lost three lures to huge fish, two of which were 90 to 100 lb Longbill Spearfish!  We are now using the smallest lures with wire traces in the hope we might catch something smaller!  The problem is we only have 60 lb breaking strain fishing line when it should be 150 lb


Hoping the wind will fill in from the starboard quarter as predicted by a recent download of grib files


427 miles to Baquerizo Moreno in the Galapagos where we will need to replenish our diesel supplies and hopefully get a quick glimpe of the Islands.  At a speed of 7 knots it will take 56 hours!