2nd full day at sea

The adventures of SV Poespas
Roger Frederiks
Sun 30 Sep 2012 18:35
43:35:40N 09:00:60W
Biscay done.... motored most of today as light winds and we need to get to our destination... 2m plus swell all day on our beam so a little uncomfortable but quitened down now..
Fishing today and had four fish on but only landed one, about a two kilo red tuna which we had for supper....................... sorry about the pause but we just had three dolphins playing on our bow wave... what a lovely way to end the day.. 370 mile covered to date.... finisterre tonight.....mike
PS. Just before writing this, the sun was setting, the moon was rising, and we were briefly greeted by a small group of dolphins. Magical! Roger