day 7

The adventures of SV Poespas
Roger Frederiks
Fri 5 Oct 2012 19:30
30:00:40N 14:50:60W
Updated @ 2100 local time
Wind has been non-existent all day, with the ocean like a glass mirror, save for an ever so slight swell from the northwest. So unfortunately it has been motoring once again all day. We have been passing a lot of green turtles that appeared to be either sunbathing or napping at the surface. Only as we were getting really close to them, did they awaken and swam off, but some just lifted their maritime reptilian head to glance at us and kept their cool as we sailed past. We had been hoping for some more cetacean sightings, but not a dolphin or solitary whale anywhere to be seen. Had a dip in the ocean at mid day, with more than 3000 metres of water below us. We are now within a day of our destination and looking forward to our first drink at the local sailor’s bar. All’s well.