first full day at sea

The adventures of SV Poespas
Roger Frederiks
Sat 29 Sep 2012 18:14
44:58:75N 05:20:80W
First full 24 hours of our adventure at sea. All is well. We left La Rochelle at 1930 local time on September 28th. We are currently right in the centre of the Gulf of Biscay. Everyone has settled and we are finding our sea legs, and getting into the rhythm of being cradled by the motion of the sea. Weather conditions are great, with a slight northerly swell, and winds as forecast. This is the Bay of Biscay at its most benign, and we are grateful for it.
We covered 190 nautical miles in our 1st 24 hours at sea, but we are awaiting popping the champagne corks until we do at least 200 in one day.