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Blue water adventuring

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Oct 2012
Sat 06 Oct 16:00 arrival las Palmas 28:07.64N 15:25.56W
Fri 05 Oct 19:30 day 7 30:00.40N 14:50.60W
Thu 04 Oct 19:21 day 6 32:31.35N 13:50.80W
Wed 03 Oct 18:30 day 5 34:55.20N 13:07.00W
Tue 02 Oct 19:21 4th day at sea 37:58.10N 11:59.80W
Mon 01 Oct 18:04 3rd day at sea 40:56.40N 10:38.00W
Sep 2012
Sun 30 Sep 18:35 2nd full day at sea 43:35.40N 9:00.60W
Sat 29 Sep 18:14 first full day at sea 44:58.75N 5:20.80W
Mon 24 Sep 05:04 blog test 46:08.75N 1:09.97W