Start in Gibraltar 36.15 79 N 05.35.71 W

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Michiel and Petra Mommersteeg
Sat 11 Sep 2021 09:00

11 september 2021

On the 11th of september we finally could leave Marina Alcaidesa to set off for Madeira. We could not sail along the Spanish coast because of the Orca’s and Morocco unfortunately was closed because of Covid. So our first goal was at least 5 days sailing. Probably 6 or more.

We planned a routing with SquidX. First watch I was shocked because of all the Moroccan fishing boats. Full of lights but no navigation lights visible. Nervewracking. Second and third night were full of thunderstorms and lighting. The black nightair was full of electricity. Then Squid send us off the rumbline and we beated up in a NW direction against the wind. It was all planned but new to us. After the tack suddenly we could reach and slowly the wind changed to a more comfortable direction. The last days were choppy but nice.