Homeward Bound

Tue 16 Jul 2013 08:14
Paul and Kieran from Oyster joined us yesterday and immediately set about
examining every detail of our noble ship. They will spend the rest of the
week on board checking, adjusting, rectifying to ensure that Pamarzi is in
perfect order.

We have started gathering and packing in preparation for our trip home. We
will be back at Meadscroft by late tomorrow afternoon. One day of frantic
cleaning and polishing of the car for me then we are off to Kensington
Palace for the Aston Martin Centenary event with posh frock and black tie
packed for cocktails in the orangery on Saturday evening. Home again Sunday
evening for a week of catching up with matters business and domestic and
getting together with family and friends before our return to Pamarzi on
Friday 26th July.

So this diarist will be silent (some might be relieved to learn) till our
return to our life aquatic.

Roger & Lynn
The crew of Pamarzi