Finisterre is Behind Us!

Sun 23 Jun 2013 15:51
Position 42.07.282N 008.50.717W

Yes another notorious bit of the ocean behind us (but there are plenty

What I failed to mention in our last post was that as we tied up in La
Coruna the first of many to come and admire the boat was Jan the owner of
Oyster 575 - 11 Cloud Nine. They were just about to slip their lines so did
not stop long but as they are heading South to doubtless we will meet up
with Jan and Terri again before too long.

Well the anticipated couple of days in La Coruna didn't happen. After a
lovely sunny afternoon on Friday, Saturday dawned cool, overcast and damp.
Rob and I started our day as usual studying forecast and Grib files and both
came to the conclusion that an immediate departure was necessary to catch a
weather window for the 130nm passage to Baiona passing the fearsome Cape
Finisterre. If we missed this window there was a possibility we could be
stuck in La Coruna till the end of next week. Now I like La Coruna but not
that much!

Trusting that the forecasters and our interpretation was correct I settled
with the marina and we slipped our lines around 11.15. Motor sailing
westward along the rugged northern Spanish coast in cool, damp conditions
with very poor visibility we appreciated our radar and AIS, not that there
was much shipping about. That got us thinking if we were the only ones
journeying South were we very clever or just very wrong! As we turned the
corner and headed southward by the early afternoon the weather cleared and
we sailed on fast making 9-10knots with bright skies and a northerly breeze
pushing onward to Finisterre. We passed this fearsome Cape in the late
afternoon riding a moderate Atlantic swell and maintaining our speed over
ground. For us (this time) Finisterre was a pussy cat.

Continuing to sail downwind we were making good time as the sun set in a
clear sky a darkness fell revealing a wonderful full moon that cast its
bright beam across the swell of the growing seas. The breeze grew hastening
our pace to Baiona were we arrived around 03.30 local time.

Safely moored in Monte Real Club de Yates, the decks cleared and tidied the
weary crew of Parmazi took to their beds knowing that that they had made the
right decision and looking forward to exploring the delights of Baiona.

Roger, Lynn, Rob & Ryan