Sitting it Out

Fri 14 Jun 2013 21:02
Position 50.21.660N 004.07.918W

Well Plymouth may not be the most attractive city in the world but we are
all glad that we are safely berthed in Queen Anne's Battery Marina as we
listen to the winds rattling the halyards around us gusting between 35 and
45 knots. Below in the Saloon of Pamarzi we are enjoying a glass of quite
acceptable Cabernet Sauvignon following some pretty good sirloin steaks,
writing diaries and half watching a programme about houses with a hidden
history. Things are tough but rest assured the crew of Pamarzi are coping.

Ryan might have been out in the Chanel racing with his team and I think the
masochist in him still fancies being beaten up by the wind and waves for 24
hours or so, strange though how comfortable he seems in the quiet, warm, air
conditioned, double glazed, Alcantara, maple and teak swathed interior of

Rob will now join us on Sunday after sadly having to return to Brussels to
help arrange and attend the funeral of Lillian's mother.

Grib files are indicating a window from Monday evening onwards so we shall
be looking to leave the delights of Plymouth early next week.

Roger, Lynn & Ryan