Position 19:22N 26:07W

Brian and Sandy
Mon 7 Dec 2009 09:07
Bad day yesterday (Sunday 6 Dec). Just getting ready to fix the replacement for the damaged batten box when with a bang the genoa halyard broke. St/steel rope. Got genoa out of water +/-75kgs dry, tied on deck and tidied up, cutter sail out, found first fish (flying) and looked at fishing line, found the f line had wrapped round boat whilst 'hove' too.
Managed, with persuasion to remove line, (thoughts of diversions to Cape VerdesV and swimming in Atlantic) before success! Sorted batten box and replaced a defective slide/batten box connector link...took all pm. Main up, boat going well, celebratory happy hour, Sandy getting dinner smells funny smell...not cooking!! Expose batteries; generator charge cable to fuse v.v.hot, melted fuse bridge plastic terminal. Generator off to cool down cabling...ok for power for the night ,so that's a problem for Monday.