26:40N 18:51W

Brian and Sandy
Thu 3 Dec 2009 09:22
After final shop and other preparations we left our berth to top up fuel. Making first class approach we passed the amidships spring to the attandant, as the wind was blowing us off....first he tried to pull us in manually (25 tonnes!), then on request cleated the warp, except that he omitted to lock it... so that as Sandy motored against it to pull the boat in, it slipped. Spent the next 10 mins getting the boat back under control.
Leaving La Gomera at 13.00,sailing down the eastern side, we ended up in very confused sea, a counter current of 1+knots and with a light wind which gave us no headway. Tried the asymmetric, which wrapped itself around the forestay. We didn't pick up a good wind until 20.00, with the seas settling down at about 22.00.
Made excellent progress during the night, much better than last time and hoping that the current winds stay with us.