The beautiful Exumas

Mithril of Newhaven
Roy and Madeline Hibberd
Sun 17 May 2015 18:49
23:30:784N 75:44.626W
As the seas turned beam on and the winds picked up, after a tiring week on the hard, we decided to abandon our original plan and head to the Exumas. We had a beautiful sail last night with shooting stars and phosphorescence and the boat was going so well, even with well reefed in sails, we had to take in the jib altogether to slow us down so we arrived in daylight.
The entrance was a bit scary, heading toward rocks with waves breaking on them and turning at the last minute (slight exageration but it felt like it) towards Georgetown. Reniniscent of piloting in Scotland.
It looks much greener here than the Turks and caicos with blue waters and beautiful white sandy beaches, we are looking forward to going ashore now we have had a sleep!