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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
May 2015
Sun 17 May 18:49 The beautiful Exumas 23:30.78N 75:44.63W
Sat 16 May 17:30 One day out of Turks and Caicos 23:08.60N 73:57.70W
Sun 03 May 14:22 Arrived at South Caicos 21:29.50N 71:32.38W
Fri 01 May 15:37 Overnight stowaway and an orange moon 21:16.79N 71:27.27W
Apr 2015
Thu 30 Apr 17:33 Rough night near Mona Passage 19:43.90N 69:52.09W
Wed 29 Apr 16:38 Becalmed as we approach the Mona Passage. 19:05.75N 67:22.66W
Tue 28 Apr 18:47 Sailing along North coast of Puerto Rico 18:26.88N 65:39.66W
Tue 28 Apr 13:30 Leaving Culebra, heading North West 18:18.30N 65:17.88W
Feb 2015
Tue 24 Feb 21:25 Deshaies, Guadeloupe - sort of! 16:18.46N 61:47.87W
Fri 06 Feb 10:00 Back in France again, oh joy! 14:26.12N 60:53.14W
Wed 04 Feb 20:00 Still Enjoying St. Lucia - just! 14:04.97N 60:57.55W
Sun 01 Feb 20:52 Back in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia 14:04.97N 60:57.55W
Jan 2014
Fri 24 Jan 14:49 Arrived in Barbados 13:15.77N 59:38.68W
Thu 23 Jan 14:42 Are we nearly there yet? YES YES YES! 13:30.24N 58:01.58W
Wed 22 Jan 14:45 Sighted the Southern Cross 13:50.31N 55:53.08W
Tue 21 Jan 14:22 There is other life out there. 14:10.48N 53:49.51W
Mon 20 Jan 12:18 Only 477 miles to go. 14:45.56N 51:30.07W
Sun 19 Jan 12:14 Counting the days. 15:03.00N 49:09.58W
Sat 18 Jan 13:10 The many that got away. 15:19.66N 46:50.65W
Fri 17 Jan 11:09 Over half way! 15:19.11N 44:02.52W
Thu 16 Jan 13:05 Going faster now 15:26.04N 41:45.12W
Wed 15 Jan 13:14 Becalmed 15:35.20N 39:44.19W
Tue 14 Jan 13:08 A tropical moonlit night 15:47.60N 37:52.87W
Mon 13 Jan 11:25 Fish for dinner again. 16:00.55N 35:39.91W
Sun 12 Jan 13:04 Is this Scotland? 16:16.50N 33:47.26W
Sat 11 Jan 12:39 Nice easy sailing today. 16:20.39N 31:51.75W
Fri 10 Jan 11:21 Fish for lunch today! 16:26.23N 29:56.82W
Thu 09 Jan 12:03 1 day out from Cape Verdes 16:39.16N 27:27.92W
Wed 08 Jan 12:38 Just left Mindelo, Cape Verdes 16:53.43N 25:01.46W
Wed 01 Jan 17:30 Mindelo, San Vicente 16:53.04N 24:59.63W
Dec 2013
Sun 29 Dec 22:00 Tarrafal, San Nicolau 16:34.17N 24:21.71W
Tue 24 Dec 16:45 Anchored at Porto de Sal Rei, Boa Vista 16:09.84N 22:55.16W
Mon 23 Dec 13:30 Baia da Mordeira 16:41.83N 22:58.05W
Fri 20 Dec 11:30 Arrived Palmeira, Ilha do Sal 16:45.11N 22:58.77W
Wed 18 Dec 13:03 Over half way to the Cape Verdes 21:02.31N 20:06.77W
Mon 16 Dec 16:07 On way to Cape Verdes 25:32.02N 17:07.06W
Sun 15 Dec 14:50 Left Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 27:42.75N 15:26.01W
Nov 2013
Wed 27 Nov 15:52 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Moved to marina after the ARC left on Sunday 28:07.72N 15:25.55W
Fri 15 Nov 12:00 Moved from anchorage to new marina at Arrecife, Lanzarote 28:57.66N 13:32.40W
Thu 14 Nov 17:50 On the home stretch now, just got to find somewhere to anchor in the dark 29:13.01N 13:16.94W
Sun 10 Nov 15:22 Just rounded Tarifa point. Current against us but managing 5kts SOG. 35:58.68N 5:38.04W
Sun 10 Nov 08:10 36:08:99N 05:21:229W 36:08.99N 5:21.23W
Jun 2013
Wed 05 Jun 12:00 Arrived Le Castella, Italy 38:54.49N 17:01.71E
Mon 03 Jun 17:00 Last anchorage in the Ionians, Greece 39:51.93N 19:24.73E