Still Enjoying St. Lucia - just!

Mithril of Newhaven
Roy and Madeline Hibberd
Wed 4 Feb 2015 20:00
We decided, as our stay was going to be longer than anticipated in St. Lucia, to take a local bus to Castries and then one to the East coast and visit Maniku Gardens. Getting there was fine and we enjoyed a relaxing walk round the gardens, not the most impressive we have seen but very relaxing sitting on the verandah with a cold drink overlooking the gardens and watching the birds and a few orchids growing wild.

However, getting back was more problematic. All the local buses appeared to be full and wouldn't stop, so we decided to start walking towards Dennery, about 15km, and hoped one would stop. We hadn't realised that the road would be too dangerous for a bus to stop and so ended walking most of the way in the hot sun before we finally reached a bus stop (just below the prison on the hilltop!). Another full bus went past and then a taxi stopped and gave us a very good price for taking us back to Castries, too good a price to refuse, although he tried to increase it but Roy stood firm!

We arrived back on the boat, safe but tired; I think we are ready to leave now and the weather is looking good for the next few days.