Back in France again, oh joy!

Mithril of Newhaven
Roy and Madeline Hibberd
Fri 6 Feb 2015 10:00
Arrived at St. Anne's yesterday, a lovely village in the South of Martinique. Had warm croissants for breakfast; the local boulangerie goes round the anchorage in a dinghy, so civilised! You know you are on a French Caribbean island by the smell of coffee as you wander past cafes and the chic clothes shops.

We have turtles swimming round Mithril despite the huge number of yachts anchored here. Just looking forward to buying some french wine and cheese now! What could be more perfect, well perhaps a new set of batteries! Decisions, decisions, do we buy them here or wait until we get to St. Maarten and save more than £100? We will decide on Monday!