DIARY - Bonaire

Sat 30 Mar 2019 13:04
We set sail from Martinique on 18th March at 5.30pm, and enjoyed the full- moon light for all of our night-watches....saw the ISS a couple of nights, flying West to East. Experienced moon-set and sun-rise at around 6.20am.  Saw two birds "floating" by on a "raft" ...piece of drift-wood....opportunists eh!   Wind on our backs, main double reefed, set to starboard, with the genoa poled-out to port;   slowed down so we wouldn't arrive to Bonaire during the night.    Made landfall in Bonaire, Kralendijk, Harbour Village marina on Friday 22nd March after a four night passage from Martinique ...483 nautical miles total.
Bonaire is a beautiful island (míle buíochas le Susan Feirtéar as an comhairle...Susan, who spent a few years working in the ABC's advised us to spend the limited time we had in Bonaire).  The coastline around the island is a national park, and perfect for snorkeling and diving...blue, turquoise, pristine, warm water, with coral sea-floor and plenty of colourful fish to see.  Swam every day at different locations nearby, and Helen and Stefan took an introductory PADI diving course...fabulous!   Ate at the great El Bigote mexican restaurant many times.
We took a drive around the North of the island to the national park...beautiful lakeland, with pink flamingoes, blue seas, cacti everywhere and cliffs/ simacan caves with artwork / inscriptions from the indigenous indians, depicting the stars.
We provisioned (amazing Dutch supermarket)...set sail for Santa Marta, Colombia on Saturday 30th March at 1,30pm.