DIARY - Voyage Corca Dhuibhne to Galicia / Dingle to Muros

Fri 31 Aug 2018 11:00
We set sail on Luna Quest at 12.45 on 26th August, 2018. Crew of Austin (Captain), Helen and our friend Mark Lucas along for the voyage to Galicia.  On leaving Dingle harbour, after being waved off so memorably by our friends and family, and saying goodbye to Fungi for a while, we were greeted by Force 6 to 7 wind, with waves 6 to 9 feet high...a hectic departure.  Winds were gusting to 30 knots as we set our course for 180 degrees south, after clearing Bray Head on Valentia Island.  Fantastic start to our journey....blood-red full moon, Mars to our south...magnificent sky.  In the next two days, we sighted humpback whales twice, porpoises swimming on our bow-wave, phosphorescence, and shooting stars. A gale blew in suddenly on the early morning of 29th August, and 4.5 hours later, with three reefs in the mainsail, it calmed down.
Approaching Finisterre, it was a quiet day on the sea, with a beautiful sunset, and the plough low in the sky to our stern.    Our friend Danny Sheehy, a bhfuil ar shlí na fírinne, kept coming to mind, as did the Naomhóig na Tinte crew.
We made landfall in Muros at 12.00 on 31st August, to the lovely "tranquila" welcome from Pedro.