Day 9: wet wet wet!

Wed 5 Dec 2012 19:44
So, it is finally the 5th of December, this means we started the morning with a good old chocolate letter and ‘pepernoten’ to celebrate Sinterklaas. Also, we celebrated our 8th consecutive 24-hour run over 200 nm, this time we just made it: 202 nm.
We have heard that back home it is shitty weather, with snow and hail etc. Well, there is no need to be jealous of us today. After a fast and easy night we had a nice windshift and could keep heading west, but we sailed into an area with a lot of squalls. For those of you who do not know the term’squall’ yet, it is a pretty compact but very intense cloud that brings a lot of wind and A LOT of rain.
How much rain? Well, compare it with your shower at home and then you get close to what we have been getting today. At least it is fresh water, and that is a lot nicer than getting hit by a big wave of salt water (which is also happening all the time now)...
In the distance we also saw some lightning, so we have put all elctronics into the mircrowave to keep them protected. It was not close to us, but it just shows that we keep thinking about what we are doing and make sure we keep safe!
We will keep these conditions for a few more hours, it should get better during the night and then much better tomorrow. We will let you know ofcourse.
A soaking wet Leeway crew.