ARC start delayed due to weather forecast

Sun 25 Nov 2012 10:41
Hello followers!
Yes, as you may have noticed we will switch to English for the next weeks to better match with the international crew we now have.
The organization has made the brave decision to postpone the start to next Tuesday 27 November for all boats except those in the Racing Division. Reason for this is the current weather forecast, I will try to give a picture of the current situation.:
A pretty a-typical low system/storm is now in place between Madeira and the Canary Islands, which are giving SW winds today (normal start time), which will then shift to W during the night and somewhere on Monday to NW. Where do we have to go? Exactly W for the first days, and this low pressure system will stay in place all day Monday, and this means you have to get through an area of high winds and, more important, BIG waves. All sailing upwind. It was this combination (wind, waves, rain, gusts, and all at night) that made the organization decide to push the start forward to Tuesday. We will still have a lot of wind on Tuesday, but from the right direction, NE.
Anyway this gives us more time to properly stow all our supplies, will show you some pictures later today!
Leeway crew.