Day 2-3: go west or ?

Thu 29 Nov 2012 17:16
Dear all,
We have all slept a bit better on our 2nd night (although Nanno can sleep anytime/anywhere), Rien and Haico are OK again after some seasickness and headaches.
Late yesterday afternoon we saw “Katherine”, the X-65, taking its mainsail down, we had some VHF contact and offered assistence, something which was not needed. It was the last night where we could expect to see some sails/lights around us. We only saw some really big boats such as an Oyster 72 on our AIS. In the morning we found our 24-hour score to be a good one again: 206 nm!
Rien made a very popular tuna salad as lunch, we have high expectations for tomorrow... The winds now are at a steady 20-25 knots and we have full main, a poled out genoa + the cutter jib up. The boat has a good stability and gives relative easy sailing with this set-up. Every now and then we are surprised by a big wave coming in from a different angle, but we can always correct to the right course again.
So far since leaving Gran Canaria we have been sailing the direct “rhumb line” (although some on board refer to it as the RUM line) sailing almost directly west. After studying the weather files/forecasts and some discussions we have gybed to port tack, something which takes an experienced crew like us more than 30 minutes to do!
Tonight we will make our first fresh pasta, and we would like to thank our sponsor MARFO for supplying us with some great pre-cooked meals. Preparing these was easy the first two evenings, and although it was very tasty unfortunately some of us decided to give some back to the fish...
Ciao !  Leeway crew