Back in the U(s)K

Lady Stardust Faro-Portugal to Barcelona - 2010
Paul Collister
Thu 24 May 2007 21:56
POS 50:54.28N 1:26.74W
Well the baba made it back to Southampton on Monday the 22nd May on the back of the MV slotergratch. I went down to collect her and with much trepidation we were lowered into the Solent ready to head off. As usual the engine coolant system failed so I had to bleed it while the slings were removed. All in all it was a very slick operation.
Everything went well until I turned Simon the Simrad Autohlem wheel pilot on, then disaster struck. It was wrecked, closer inspection revealed extensive corrosion and a power transistor that had blown up. It was all over for Simon, and for my solo attempt to sail up to Liverpool non stop. Winds for the next 5 days were predicted to be Variable force 3 or less. The baba cant sail in those conditions and that means motoring with me doing non stop helming.
Spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to locate a new autohelm but no luck, left Wednesday at 17:00 for Dartmouth a 20 hour motor.
Arrived Dartmouth on Thursday at 14:00 very tired, slept for a few hours, now planning to stop overnight and motor on. Hopefully a new low which is moving towards the west country will bring wind from behind and i can race up north with it using the Hydrovane.
Still, Dartmouth is no bad place to be stranded.
Pictures below
All the best, Paul C.
The lift
Over she goes
Safely berthed at Marchwood YC, (Thanks to the guys there)
Typical Solent Ships
I had to cross the Solent in front of this old queen
Finally out of the Solent, this is the needles
What a great entrance to Dartmouth, I think this is the castle
And this is the marina I'm in.