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Date: 19 Aug 2009 13:44:02
Title: Albufeira

Wednesday 12th August


We got up at 11 to another swelteringly hot day and headed into town to have a proper look around and to check whether we could hire a car for when Yaz, Isaac and Gabriel arrive tomorrow.  In 30 degree heat and the sun at its highest it was probably a foolhardy thing to do but we needed things such as sunhats, flip flops, and sun creams.  It was pretty gruelling though, especially as there was a steep hill to climb but it was good to see the town.  The old part of Albufeira is full of cafes, bars and shops – all advertising English fare which included cornish pasties, fish and chips, fry up breakfasts, burgers and even Devon cream teas!  There were also lots of English and Irish pubs giving details of the next big football match to watch live and all the voices we heard were English – a far cry from Camarinas and Cascais.  Nevertheless, it had a certain charm and it was good to feel the sun on our skin.  We had no luck hiring a car because they were all booked up.  Apparently firms were expecting much less demand this season due to the recession so many had either gone out of business or had fewer cars at their disposal. One firm did say they could get us one but at 450 euros for one week we decided against it.  It had cooled down a bit by the time we walked back and we did a few more jobs to make the boat ready for 3 extra people.  We waited until the sun had gone down to eat.  I prepared fried aubergines, new potatoes, cous cous and salad and since we were feeling too tired to go out again we spent the evening relaxing in the cockpit planning things to do and places to go with the children.


Thursday 13th August


This morning we got a taxi to take us to a bigger supermarket so that we could stock up with provisions.  We had to wait quite a while for it in the searing heat – I think taxis are being used more due to the lack of hire cars.  Several people were waiting in the queue at the rank on the way back and there was a bit of a scene when one man thought someone else had pushed in.  By the time we got back, loaded up with heavy bags and bottles we only had time for a quick snack before we had to get in our pre-booked taxi to the airport at Faro.  The flight arrived on time and when the three of them stepped outside they were amazed at the intense heat and were all excited to be here.  Back at the boat they sorted their luggage out and then we walked along the length of the marina with its stalls and bars and Yaz, Isaac and Gabriel had a go on the segways before going into town to show them around.  As it was their first evening here we thought it would be nice to have dinner in a restaurant so we chose one right in the centre that served plenty of chips, steak, pizzas, salads etc so there was something for everyone. We sat watching the town getting busier and lively as more tourists came out to enjoy Albufeira’s nightlife.  We walked back along the beach and paddled in the sea at midnight which was really nice after the heat of the day.  It was warm enough for all three of them to sleep in the cockpit, especially as Paul put the hammock up for an extra bed.


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