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Date: 04 Jul 2006 09:56:19
Title: Bayona

Made it into Bayona Marina last night at about 1900, what a great place, built up on the waterfront but behind that facade is a lovely old town, This is Kathy's first time in Spain and she loves it. We had fantastic Tapas last night and then onto one of those typicaly mad spanish bars where they play awfull Euro pop music and drink till very late, Kathy had a huge G&T and i had a large Brandy, he just emptied te bottle into my glass and because he had run out of that brand only charged us €3 total. This is y kind of country!
Everyone we have met here is so friendly and helpfull.
I am about to fill the engine with oil, we have a bad leak, We have refuelled and will take some water on board and be off.  Hope to leave about 1000 for our final destinaton of this leg at Lagos, just at the bottom left of Portugal.
A trip of 350 miles, so if we can maintain 5knts then we should be there by fridaynight/Sat morning. Our plane leaves on Sunday so not a lot of time for error.
Cheers, P

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