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Date: 20 Jul 2009 10:16:18
Title: On the hard

POS 51:48.29N 8:17.59W


Tue August 14th. Moved boat from Salve Marina just less than a mile along the river to the neighbouring Crosshaven boatyard.

Had trouble leaving the pontoon due to the heavy current but with the help of Ronnie from the yard managed to get away ok.

Motored straight over and into the waiting travel lift. Hauled out and after a lot of scraping and pressure hosing was chocked up on the hard at about 12:00.


Tuesday PM, scraped, washed, scrubbed and then managed to get a coat of Cruiser UNO one coat on. Finished work at 22:00 knackered.


Wednesday, up at 8:30, boot top painted, off to buy distilled water in cork, what a chore that turned out to be, garages don’t stock it anymore.

Start fridge install, routing cable was a nightmare, as was everything else to do with this job, i haven’t even bought the right evaporator, will just have to see how it works out.

Finish at 22:00, have tin of tuna for dinner then off to the pub or some diddly di music.

23:20 leave pub and watch the space shuttle pass overhead,  with its ejected fuel tank trailing behind.  It had just taken off from the USA 20 minutes earlier, very exciting.


Thursday Morning, get up at 9:30, was well tired. Re-stow all chemicals, more fridge work, fit staysail. Ooff tto airport and home for a week.


Back on Saturday 25th July for start of trip to Portugal.



Paul C.


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