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Date: 03 Jul 2006 14:19:40
Title: Hola from Bayona

We are now closing in on Bayona, NW Spain, ria Vigo.
Had a rough night of it, managed to cross the shipping lanes at Cabo Finistere only to have fog descend on us and a load of rain. Also the self steering failed as Kathy went to bed leaving me to do repairs and steer the boat in fog!, Anyway, we got through it all, even though we motored right over a tunny net !!
Now we are making for Byona to refuel, will stop for dinner, some sleep and leave very early in the morning. We had hoped to be in Lagos in a few days time, but that is looking more like friday now, poss Sat
Thanks to all who replied about yotreps, i must have a format error in the reports i file. Dam.
.The trip aross biscay was great, quite calm, not much wind and so much large shipping.
Dolphins join us every few hours day and night and today about 100 of them swam across ourbow heading inland. It was quiteamazing to be surrounded by so many. many of them frollicked with our waves and let the others go ahead.
Time for lunch,  Bye from Paul and Kathy

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