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Date: 20 Aug 2008 12:23:42
Title: Glandore

POS 51:33.7N 9:07.2W
Arrived in Glandore this afternoon, It's a lovely spot, Kathy can't believe they boast that there are no shops here.
It's close to Unionhall. All the visitors moorings had gone and as we were lowering the anchor a local pointed to a mooring we could use, making life very easy (and cheaper).
On approaching Glandore there are many obstacles, Two very large rocks/islands called Adam's and Eve. The pilotage advice is avoid Adam's and hug Eve.
We will spend the night here then move west tomorrow. The  weather is not great and looks like it will get worse.
The Old Head of Kinsale
Glandore Moorings
Kathy having a White Wine in Glandore
Fishing boats in Unionhall
Glandore with Adam's and Eve Islands in the mouth of the bay

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