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Date: 07 Apr 2007 23:00:56
Title: Heading to Tortola

POS 16:14N 62:02W
Well we left our anchorage in Terre En Haut in the Isle de Saints this morning and made great progress to the North West with a strong wind pushing us along. The boat is now rolling as opposed to crashing and the kids seem very happy with this. Lots of flying fish but still no Dolphins. It's very hot but we are coping well. Isaac got lots of medicine today and his ear is not playing up, hopefully the antibiotics will get to work soon and that will clear up.
We all have many mossy bites and Isaac and IU have sunburn, but that's a small price to pay.
The kids loved playing in the dinghy with our new mercury outboard we purchased in Martinique.
One good thing has to be said for the French islands, and that's the fresh bread, max bought 7 baguettes this morning, after breakfast of Pain au chocolat and very fresh Juice d'orange
Here are some pics from today
The saints in the distance
Guadeloupe behind us
Isaac eating
Still Eating
Gabriel on lookout
Max on lookout
Paul & Crew

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