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Date: 06 Apr 2007 22:03:47
Title: Isle de Saints

POS 15:52N 61:35.1W
I took this picture at 08:00 AM today as we approached the Isle de Saints, just south of Guadeloupe. The bay we wanted is another 2 miles beyond here but the entrance on the right you can make out is the more dangerous one, the one on the left is the one we wanted. Eventually we got through after an exhilarating ride from Martinique. We padded Dominica in the dark, but with a near full moon we could clearly make it out. Max did 12-4 and I got the sunrise watch. In the lee of the islands we would have to motor at times, but in-between them the winds were ENE at 20-25knots. For one hour after Dominica we averaged 7.5 knots on a close reach. Good thing everyone was in bed asleep or they might have been worried at how much we were heeling.
As we approach the calmer waters inside the islands the boys are allowed up on the bowsprit. The passage took 23 hours and the boys loved it.
Here in the anchorage there are several large cruise ships including the big Star Clipper ship
It took an hour to get the anchor to set, but it hasn't moved now for 4 hours despite a few squalls rushing through, so i feel confident for the night.
I had to take Isaac to the doctors today as his ear infection is now quite bad. The doctor was very good, he tried hard with his English and me with my French and tomorrow when the chemist opens I have a prescription for antibiotics. Isaac also has about one hundred mossy bites, they really like his skin, I do feel for the little guy, he has had to put up with a lot on this 'holiday'
Earlier we had a visit from a lovely couple who have a baba 35 moored over the bay from us, they knew Lady Stardust from the Baba site and had followed us with interest. It was really nice to meet them and exchange a few baba tales.
Tomorrow at 10, we sail for the BVI, a 48 hour passage if we have favourable winds.
Now I'm going to give the engine a once over before tidying the boat up.
All the best, Paul

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