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Date: 05 Apr 2007 23:59:33
Title: Leaving Martinique in our wake

POS 14:49.34N 61:16.44W
Hi all, After a rather depressing and anxious few days stuck in a run down civic dock in Fort de Franc, Martinique with a broken engine, we have finally made it back onto the sea.
We are approaching Dominica as the sun sets and will skirt up its western coast through the night. Hoping to arrive at isle de Saints just south of Guadalupe tomorrow morning. We plan to spend a day there and wait for the SE wind to establish itself and strengthen so we can make the 2 day dash to Tortola in fast time.
The trip up from St Lucia was horrible, no sooner had we rounded pigeon island than we hit building seas and winds on our nose of 25-29 knots, Both boys instantly felt sick and spent the next 12 hours with their heads in buckets. It was very upsetting to see them suffering, however they now have got over it and Isaac who had it worse says he would go through it again to have the fun he had today.
We had to call for a boat to tow us in to Fort de France as without the engine we were just getting battered and making no headway. These babas and the best at going into the wind in rough weather
Yesterday we left the port in Fort de France and headed across the bay to a lovely little marina with showers and sit down toilets, oh what joy we felt. we had a fantastic dinner and left this morning feeling refreshed. Also the last few days has seen off the clouds and we are all baking in very high temperatures.
 These were amazing flowering cacti in the marina, sadly i messed up the focus
And this is the cable that failed on the throttle.
Bye for now from
Paul, Max, Gabriel and Isaac

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