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Date: 01 Apr 2007 23:48:14
Title: Back in St Lucia

Hi everyone.
Well I'm back on the baba with Max and our two boys, Gabriel and Isaac. The boat looks great, Tony did a good job on the vanishing. I have fixed a few things that broke, the biggest failure we have is the carb on the outboard is not right and it keeps cutting out, however the boys had great fun today motoring around the marina.
the weather is awful, hot, but overcast and cloudy with frequent squalls.
 We cant work out what is going on with the weather, so given the long list of jobs we had yesterday I decided to hang on here an extra day and see what the weather does. It's not a bad place to hang.
Yesterday was mostly sunny, we went over and anchored off Pigeon island and went ashore and climbed to the top. Everyone enjoyed it, Max and the boys  had great fun snorkelling. We ended the day at Spinnakers with a live band.
Today we stayed in the marina and Max and I did chores. The boat is good enough now so if the weather is good we will leave for the saints tomorrow.
I have attached some pictures of the marina right now, the varnish and some pics max took yesterday

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