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Date: 20 Dec 2006 18:29:29
Title: Some pics of St Lucia

Today I checked my iridium balance and I have 280 minutes left, and they expire in January so i thought i would upload more picture. If that doesn't use up my balance I will call the speaking clock until that does!
This was our first sighting of St Lucia from about 25miles offshore, it's not very clear, but when you are at the end of a long passage it makes a wonderful sight
Things get clearer as we approached the northern end of the island
And finally through the cut into the lagoon? that holds the marina
And thanks to Caylie from steamy windows who took some pictures of us at the start of the Arc in Las Palmas
At this point the genoa was lovely and new(ish), 2800 miles later the sacrificial strip had more than given itself up and she is showing a few more wrinkles now. The mainsail was an old one that might have been the original sail for the boat, that took a few rips as well, but all in all we fared very well on the damage front.
Yesterday I was interviewed by yachting world for an article about power management on board, at first i felt chuffed until he explained he had interviewed several of the big sophisticated yachts and wanted the view from the other end of the spectrum! Still he was a nice guy and we chatted boats for half an hour.
Time does just slip away here, It's afternoon and we haven't done anything yet. Richard and Geoff arrived earlier in Fleck, several of us in the small boat world went down to great them. It was lovely to see them both after 24 days at sea. They seemed remarkably sound and had a great trip.
We are off to greet bebopalula now , they were late as they turned back to take on three extra from the scuttled yacht arnolf which lost its rudder. So I expect they will be extra glad to be here.
We plan to keep the blog going while here and with satellite phone credits, but probably not as frequently as before.
Tomorrow is shopping day and ARC prize giving in the evening, Friday we may go on the rainforest canopy tour.
All the best

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