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Date: 19 Dec 2006 13:23:25
Title: Arrived in St Lucia

It's Tuesday morning and we are sitting on the boat in Rodney Bay marina. This is our first night in three weeks that we both could sleep at the same time and in a proper bed. Sadly the event was marred as someone seems to have slipped alcohol into our lemonades at the party last night. Combined with yacht lag we both seem to have headaches?
Anyway we are here, the boat is sound and getting compliments from most people passing by. We are looking forward to the arrival of Richard and Geoff onboard Fleck, they should be here later today.
So far I can't find a wireless network so we are stuck with Iridium and small emails for now, maybe later we can sort this out.
We had a great welcome into the marina yesterday, lots of hooting horns and cheers, it did make berthing even more difficult with so many eyes on us.
Well I will write my epic on ocean passages later, for now we need to eat and I hear the 'bread basket' do a great breakfast, we haven't eaten since yesterday morning.

All the best


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