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Date: 18 Dec 2006 23:21:42
Title: We're here!

We arrived safely at 2 30 local time (6 30 UK time).  Paul spotted land at about 8 this morning and we watched it get closer and closer.  After so long at sea it was quite exciting (well I thought so anyway) but due to shifting winds we had to keep changing sails - i.e. putting the genoa away then getting it back out--then changing the side the main sail was on, then putting them both away and using the engine and autohelm.  It got hotter and hotter and I kept getting things wrong, got frustrated with myself and a bit tetchy when I couldn't understand Paul's instructions so we bickered a bit (well a lot actually) but it was quite humorous and as St Lucia came into view it was so beautiful and such a good feeling to know we'd made it that neither of us could stay irritated for long :).
We called Arc berthing to make sure where we would have to go and then made our way to the finishing line where a photographer took photos and the finish boat blew his horn to mark the fact we'd made it.  We sailed  into the marina past some lovely houses, restaurants and bars before finding our allotted berth.  This part was amazing - all the boats we passed were clapping and cheering and blowing horns and when we got to our place there was a welcoming committee to take our lines, greet us and present us with rum punch, a basket of tropical fruit and a goodie bag.  I was overwhelmed and completely in awe of the surroundings -it's gorgeous. Reggae music is playing, it's hot and sunny - people keep offering us drinks and we're off to a welcome party later.  We've only done a bit of sorting out on the boat because we feel we've earned a bit of chillout time, so with that in mind I'm off to get ready for the party.

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