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Date: 30 Nov 2006 14:18:33
Title: Food info

Well, since there are no wildlife sightings and thankfully no major dramas to report I thought I'd say a bit about the other tasks that fill the day.  Provisioning for the trip was my area of responsibility and my instructions were to allow for 4 weeks at sea - 3 meals per day - and also to get food we could eat if the fridge broke or the gas ran out for cooking.  After much deliberation, mathematical calculations ( not my strong point), and conflicting advice from various factions we've ended up with enough food on board to last for 3 months, although I maintain that the glut of carrots we ended up with was not my fault.  Paul keeps saying that he's sure he'll end up living off the surplus stock if he sails back from the Caribbean.  It doesn't help that we're not eating much after 2 weeks of feasting, partying and drinking at the Arc social events before we left.  We tend to have breakfast or lunch and a meal at 8 but even they have proved to be a bit too filling.  On Tuesday we had Gran Canarian Tortilla with their traditional smoked cheese sauce (accompanied by carrots naturally) and last night we had a dish recommended for seafarers, Russian Chestnuts and Rice (with carrots for added flavour).  The boat was rocking a bit as I cooked and I found myself in all sorts of bizarre positions to avoid being thrown around but today the sea is calm and it's gloriously hot and sunny so things should get easier in the galley now.  Last night's 12 till 4am watch was lovely - it was mild and the moon on the water was beautiful.  I sat listening to Damien Rice and Radiohead on my iPod and reading Robinson Crusoe by torchlight.  This morning we had a cooked breakfast using the eggs that got broken during last night's rocking and then Paul put the parasail (Bella) up and I've included it in the pictures below. 
Bye for now,
Our storage for fresh fruit and veg
The apples are delicious
Carrots ready for the pan

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