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Date: 01 Sep 2006 13:03:58
Title: Desperately seeking sealife!

We left delightful Funchal on Wednesday evening when the sea appeared fairly calm and we watched a beautiful sunset while dolphins leaped in the distance.  Since then the only wildlife we've seen are an assortment of seabirds which lovely as they are just aren't as exciting as whales, turtles dolphins etc.  The sea turtle we saw on the way to Madeira appeared at a most inopportune moment--just as Paul announced that the boat was sinking due to Harriet's metalwork breaking off so we didn't really get a good look at it, (although we could well have joined it if Paul's fear about the boat had actually happened!).  After a shorter, and not quite as rough phase when the waves and wind kept us occupied with steering, sail setting and more engine fixing we are now on our final day at sea, hoping to reach Gran Canaria in the early hours of tomorrow morning.  The sea is calm and it's warm and sunny so all of us are keeping a good lookout for signs of life in the water.  It would be great for Max to see dolphins playing at the bow like we did on the previous trip and we've been told that this area is the place to see whales.  Everything else is going well-I was on watch as we passed the Savegem islands last night at 1am which are supposed to be well worth a look but it was too dark to see anything and due to a drop in wind speed I had my work cut out keeping Harriet on course (I've gone right off her now ;).  It was a lovely night though--starry and extremely warm, which reminded me how close we are to Africa!  I'm now looking forward to seeing Gran Canaria, having heard differing opinions on it over the years.  I'm guessing it's not going to be as impressive as Madeira though.  Just about to go back on watch now and will hopefully report some sightings later. 
Cheers, Kathy  

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