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Date: 27 Aug 2006 17:27:09
Title: Sea state rough!

This was the apt description from the French weather forecasters for the Atlantic area we were sailing in.  It caused conditions aboard to become quite rough, too.  The huge walls of water I described on the last trip were now 'massive moving mountains' of water, which together with wind speeds of 25-30 knots made it hard work to maintain one's balance let alone cook, eat, wash or type entries to the blog.  Paul and I suffered some mild seasickness at the start so we didn't feel like eating much anyway.  We all kept hoping things would calm down but although the wind speed dropped slightly the waves never really dropped below six feet, and were often as high as fifteen feet!  In these conditions injuries could hardly be avoided and one particularly large wave forced the boat to pitch so hard that it threw me against the galley shelf while I was attempting to cook breakfast.  My nose took the brunt of it, but luckily my initial fears that I was going to be disfigured for life have proved to be unfounded :). Paul got thrown  from one side of the cabin to the other and smacked the back of his head on the teak shelf, causing it to crack and splinter (the shelf that is, not his head).  Typically he was more concerned about the wood than himself!  Max thankfully managed to avoid seasickness and injury and cooked us some delicious meals when conditions allowed.  It wasn't all bad though, despite poor Harriet breaking and the engine needing to be fixed. We saw a shark at the start of the trip, a sea turtle a few days ago and dolphins appeared a couple of times, though not as often as before and were more aloof and distant than the ones we'd seen on previous trips.  We're now in Madeira getting clean, rested and having a well-earned drink or two before setting off to explore Funchal.
Cheers for now,

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